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Contact Spencer Pearson 

Spencer Pearson 

Fine Artist and Oil Painter of the American Landscape

As a child growing up on a small berry farm outside of Kennesaw, Georgia, I spent my summer mornings picking blackberries and my afternoons exploring the woods and creeks around my home. My imagination was able to run wild as I disappeared into the woods all day, every day, damming up creeks, building forts, and camping with my brothers and friends. I look back and I realize these years of imagination built my creative foundation. It would be after college, a short military career, and a career in healthcare before I found myself longing to be grounded in the creative process again.


Now, I spend a lot of time chasing light, shapes, and shadows. I leave each stroke loose and painterly with the intent to give the viewer a chance to see the layers of a composition while enjoying the scene. I look for subjects that are simple but striking, with many of them being the rural landscapes around my home in Ohio and the Mid-West. My focus on the canvas is to produce true but painterly representations of the landscape while showcasing the wonderful light only nature can provide.

Granville, Ohio

Tel: 740.501.0447

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